"I feel like that’s sort of Elijah, who sort of holds out hope for this small part of [Klaus] that might be a glorious king. But truthfully, even the most ardent fans of Klaus know that he’s not great king material. He just isn’t."
- Daniel Gillies (x)

India & Charlie + glances


→ Favorite books → Fake Book covers:  The pre Asoiaf series exposing the events of the Dance of the Dragons: “The rogue prince” and “the princess and the queen”. by G.R.R. Martin


Punishment doesn’t mean you aren’t loved. On the contrary. You can really only punish someone you love.

Usagi’s First Impressions of Ami and Rei.



"here she is a frail girl locked in her cage of knowledge and she looks upon death as if it’s for her own amusement

and there he is dressed up to look like a demon to become the demon and he’s more afraid of her than anything and marries her to try to establish himself and remove his terror by ownership and she will never be owned and I just????

it’s such a crazy beautiful book!!!!!!”

- theloupgaroux about heroes and villains by angela carter

I love that you and I have the exact same taste in things and that you are reading this mad 70’s English feminist purple prose dark fairy tale future au tale 

Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve




The Dance of the Dragons meme: 5 relationships: 1/5: Dragon and Dragonrider (x)

The Immigrant (2013)


"Usagi, I named you after the bravest person I know. Me."

- Usagi to Chibi Usagi probably


these kids are on earth for 5 minutes and they’re already being assholes jfc