Can we just talk about the fact that Claire Holt simply adores Joseph Morgan? And of course, we know he adores her.  <3

Anonymous asked: i love you

elijah’s first vamp face was because Rebekah was threatened

have mercy on my soul

we-remain-together asked: not going to spoil you about the episode.... but there's one scene in particular that made me literally say 'omg loup' out loud lol

is it the kissing scene

where he was like “they’ve been running around behind my back” and elijah is trying to restrain him like he’s rebekah’s jealous ex husband

I’m at that scene now

it was written for me I’m sure of it


UGH. | a valentine’s day mix for girls that just don’t give a fuck [listen]

gladiator + costumes

Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus Cover)
London Grammar

Season 4 First Look Stills 

All or Nothing
Theory of a Deadman


Theory of a Deadman - All or Nothing


Dolce & Gabbana SS 2014


theloupgaroux replied to your post: HOLD THE FUCK UP I THINK I SEE DANY IN…

pics or it didnt happen


it’s not as clear b/c it’s so small but if you look at the original where i’ve marked it i think it looks like dany on the far right of the circle, possibly standing next to jorah

here’s the area around the red circle zoomed in:


it’s hard to be sure but the woman on the right is standing like daenerys does, the man in the middle looks similar to jorah, and there’s a white horse on the left that looks like the silver replacement (forever bitter etc)