“"I like the idea that there was a deleted scene afterwards where we’re both sitting by the tree going, “‘Huh. That was kind of terrible. All that buildup and that was really…’" And Klaus is kind of going “‘Yeah, sorry about that.’" And her going, “‘Yeah, huh.’"”
– Joseph Morgan’s headcanon/deleted scene idea for how the klaroline scene should have ended (x)


this fbi virus scam is getting out of hand damn short list to remind me

  • don’t click on urls who message you
  • don’t click on urls who reblog you
  • real blogs are being affected and is spreading the shit so even people you know - don’t click the url
  • so basically don’t click on urls
  • don’t click on tiny grey boxes on your dashboard
  • ignore strange blogs that follow you
  • scan for malware from time to time
  • pray to your gods
  • stay on netflix and ps

Im laughing rn it just occurred to me that since I never wear my glasses I’ve never really noticed everything is a little out of focus for me

and that I might in fact be oversharpening everything I make, so I checked my gifs and let me tell you son they did not look like that when I made them 

Monsters didn’t fear. They were fear.
Now I had a chance to try that for myself.

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thank you movie god: How to make a GIF as your tumblr portrait:


in order to make a gif as your tumblr icon if you’re a chrome user you have to download an add on in order for you to see it; however, firefox, ie and opera users don’t need any add ons to see it :—))

so doing that, you’re going to need a .gif to .apng converter NOT .png…

“No, no, no. She’s saving Klaus. She’s saving Klaus for another time, another day. First thing first, she’s trying to get back at Stefan.”
– Julie Plec (x) when asked whether Rebekah would be going after Klaus 

thisblogisdeadgoaway asked: k & r i dont think anyone asked those yet????

K - How do you feel about the other people in your current fandom

do you really want to know how I feel about other people in my current fandoms do you



[Image Description: A twitter conversation between lizzie c and British feminist writer Caitilin Moran:
lizzie c: “what a surprise @caitilinmoran loves lena dunham. white feminists who ignore the experiences of WOCs have got to stick together guys!!!”
Caitilin Moran: “@lizziecoan THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT”
lizzie c: “@caitilinmoran did you address the complete and utter lack of people of colour in girls in your interview? i sure hope so!”
Caitilin Moran: “@lizziecoan Nope. I literally couldn’t give a shit aboutit.”]






caitlin moran legitmately just told me that she could not give a shit about the representation of WOC. SHE JUST SAID THOSE EXACT WORDS. as one of the most prominent feminists in the UK today, her particular brand of white middle class feminism is THE FUCKING PITS AND I HATE HER. please excuse my rage but CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS.

her book is called ‘how to be a woman’. HOW TO BE A FUCKING WOMAN.

can i not be a woman if i think representation of WOC in modern media is really important? more important than the representation of white women?

fuckkkkk her


in which caitlin moran reaffirms her status as an arsehole

-and then there is Spike


guess who just dropped their brand new ipod touch on the pavement and cracked it all across



fucking kill me today is the worst

Rest in peace, customize classic.