Modern Christmas AU | Game of Thrones
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Winner Take All | an ASOIAF Vegas AU

The Dragon Hotel has been a legendary part of the Las Vegas strip for decades, and in its heyday, the Targaryen family was the closest thing to royalty in the States. Then came the execution-style murders of Aerys and Rhaegar (story is the Baratheons ordered the hit, but no one could ever prove anything) and a plummet in business at the casino.

Now all that’s left of the glory days is the abandoned shell of the hotel, along with the reclusive heirs, Aerys’ remaining children, Viserys and Daenerys. The papers used to call them the “Prince” and “Princess” but now it’s used by tabloids to mock them.

Only the last Targaryens have suddenly reappeared on the scene—with the announcement of Daenerys’ upcoming marriage to Drogo (singular name only), the notorious mobster who rules the back streets of Vegas. Word is, the Targaryens are planning a comeback—and revenge on those who’ve wronged them—with the help of Drogo’s money and influence.

Helping Viserys and Dany adjust to being back in the spotlight is Drogo’s ever-present head of security, ex-military officer Jorah Mormont. But Mormont has secrets of his own and soon his relationship with Daenerys becomes much more complicated than he ever expected. Throw in the danger of life in the fast lane and it’s only a matter of time before things in Sin City spin out of control.

au meme - tdkr as a zombie film

In the late nineteenth century, Original vampires Kol, Niklaus, and Rebekah settle in London to bask in all the city has to offer. Too soon, however, Niklaus realises that his brother’s late night activities are drawing unwanted eyes upon the trio. Fearing the approach of Mikael, and the growing closeness of his siblings, Niklaus is forced into taking out the ancient daggers he has been secretly harbouring all these years. When the battle lines are drawn, which brother will Rebekah side with? (part II, part I)

True Blood - Zombie AU

TVD 4x02 AU: After her fight with Niklaus, Rebekah packs her bags and calls Kol. 

In the late nineteenth century, Original vampires Kol, Niklaus, and Rebekah settle in London to bask in all the city has to offer. Unfortunately, Kol starts to enjoy a little too much. Klaus begins to suspect that Kol has fabricated a myth of his own, something to do with some Jack nonsense. He reluctantly turns a blind eye to the mayhem, until Rebekah’s society friends start disappearing as well. Knowing Kol has gone too far, and that the attention is sure to call Mikael to London after them, Niklaus must make a difficult decision about the fate of his younger brother. 

renaissancemadonna asked: cesare/lucrezia; 1920s Italy, they're the children of a mob boss

It was the third night Lucrezia had snuck off to the club. It was the third night Cesare had followed, secretly. It was the third night Cesare was forced to watch as drunken hands grasped at her, spun her in the smoky air. It was the third night, and Cesare promised it was to be the last. 

He told himself that she escaped from their father, Don Borgia, and not from his companionship. Surely she knew he would take her anywhere. Surely she didn’t prefer those bastards to him. Didn’t matter. He’d sneak into the manager’s office, kill the owner. Quickly, with the knife he keeps in his boot. He’d have one of his boys start a fight, force security to kick a bunch of them out for being rowdy and causing problems. Security would take his sister, too, saying she caused the fight. And then his boys would be there to make sure she got home alright. And then he’d burn the place to the ground. Lucrezia wouldn’t prefer a castle of ashes to the spacious home they shared with their family. And without the owner, there would be no one to rebuild. And Lucrezia would never need to know that he followed her, that he couldn’t bear to be without her even one night. Not while they still had time to spend together, not while Cesare was simply his father’s right hand man and not the Don himself. Then he would need to give up his time with his dear sis, and that thought burned with more heat than that of the flames building around him. 

After reaching Europe, Elijah, Rebekah, and Niklaus head east with the crusaders for the pilgrimage under arms. Upon reaching Jerusalem, Niklaus achieves wealth for the family and Elijah becomes a knight. Rebekah questions her place, reaching a crises when she discovers treachery within the family. 

He spies her, the girl from long ago, the girl all boys make up in their minds when they are young. Girls where the world spins around them, where the elements stand still and his vision reduces to the curve of her lip, the shape of her eyes. And she sees him; the boy who kissed her bruised knee and skimmed rocks on the water’s edge; and knows him straightaway. Tom, she mouths wordlessly, as their eyes meet. 
(Fic by Laura)


au — alisha is the one who went back.

“i get this is weird.”
“just… just a little.”
“i keep forgetting you’re not used to seeing me naked.”
“oh. sorry.


1920’s Rogue

Sybil/Branson Modern AUPART IV

As Sybil sat on the edge of the sink in her Christmas jumper, eating a gingerbread cookie, she tried to mentally bend the world to her will.

Blue blue blue blue blue, the endless refrain ran through her thoughts.  She stared at the little piece of plastic as if she could really affect things. Shit, she cursed internally, is blue positive or negative? If blue is positive then I should be asking for pink right? Her mind raced, over and over and over. She wondered how such a small piece of material that you pissed on could change everything. Or, rather, it wouldn’t change everything… but it would be a symbol of that change. An omen.

Sybil was late. Now, she wasn’t late for an appointment. Tom would never make her late for an appointment. No, Tom was possibly making her late in a whole other sense. 

They had only been in Dublin three weeks when Sybil realized her period hadn’t come.  You would think, that as an escort, Sybil had danced this dance before. Sybil was careful, though. Multiple forms of birth control, always. Always…. Always, except with Tom.  She knew that if that little piece of plastic told her she was not alone in herself, that it was Tom’s. She hadn’t been with anyone else.

When they had finally decided to run away to Ireland, Sybil hadn’t been very careful with her body. She gave herself over to Tom time and time again, and yeah, sure they tried to take precautions. Tried being the operative word. But sometimes when you are in the backseat of a car, you just don’t have the time to put on a condom. At least that’s what Sybil thought at the time. Now she wasn’t so sure.

Now she wished she had gotten a new refill of her birth control before she left the country. Now she wished she had broken from one of those delicious kisses, and ripped off the top of a foil wrapper instead of ripping off Tom’s shirt…

But Tom had been so busy, those first weeks, that they could barely contain themselves when they saw each other. The IRA was keeping him busy. With what, Sybil didn’t exactly know. She wasn’t sure how she felt about her fiancé being a member of a terrorist organisation.  When Tom came home late at night with blood on his shirt, Sybil told herself it was better than his blood being on another man’s. Or Tom not coming home at all…

Sybil was no coward. She tried to ask him what he was doing. Tom didn’t want her knowing. She knew he was afraid it would change her opinion on him. That maybe she might want to involve herself in the IRA as well, something she knew he would never allow. He may be a socialist, he’d say, but he wasn’t crazy.

But Sybil would always love him. She knew that. It was etched in her very bones.

When he wasn’t there, she ached for him. And not just sexually. No one spoke to her the way Tom did. No one looked at her like he did, either.

So as she looked at the pregnancy test sitting beside her on the sink in their apartment’s bathroom, Sybil knew she would love their child. Yes, it was sooner then she planned. But they were both adults. They were finiancially stable, at least now that Sybil got that job as a receptionist at a local clinic. Shit, she thought,if I’m pregnant will I have to put off nursing school?  

Sybil knew she didn’t have to go through with the pregnancy if she didn’t want to. She knew about all the options, and not just from her lectures at the agency. No, once her older sister Mary had been late. Mary had been dating this ass named Richard, and she was not happy to think she could be pregnant. So Sybil had been the one to gather as much information about abortion and adoption, about co-parenting, and support for single mothers.  Thankfully, Mary hadn’t been pregnant after all and had been able to dump Richard for her old flame Mathew.  Yet, as Sybil stared at the test, she suddenly realized that the refrain of blue blue blue blue that had been constant in her thoughts didn’t mean she wanted it to mean ‘not pregnant’. Sybil realized she wanted it to be blue, to mean she was pregnant.  As she picked up the box with the instructions, she double checked the stupid colors to make sure she would know what the test meant.

Then, her ipod timer went off. Time to check the test. Sybil leaned over. The distance between the test and her arm seemed to stretch forever. Finally, she looked at the results.

With a deep breath, Sybil imagined telling Tom that he was going to be a father.


Theon/Ros 1950s AU - in which Ros leaves and Theon is sad


She sat down on the corner of the bed, the springs making a soft ‘squeak’ as she began rolling up her stockings. ‘I have my bags packed and waiting for me in the car outside — everything I could fit into two suitcases.’

Theon walked around the side of the bed, leaning down to pick up his trousers where they lay among a pile of hastily discarded clothing. ‘You can’t leave,’ he said incredulously, as he began to pull them on. ‘What about your job, your life? You’re just going to give it all up for an unlikely chance at success in a city you barely know? There are a million girls like you out there. You’ll never make it.’

Ros turned to look at him, ‘Oh, and what would happen to me if I stay here? Would I become Mrs. Greyjoy?’ She let out hollow laugh. ‘It’s bad enough that you’re sleeping with your father’s secretary, how well do you think he’d take it if you wanted to marry her into the family?’

‘Don’t be ridiculous,’ Theon replied quickly, letting out an unconvincing scoff as he bent down to look for his shirt.

A smirk played on Ros’s lips as she turned away from him and began to fasten her stockings. She paused, rubbing one of the hourglass clips between her fingers. ‘Anyways,’ she began innocently, ‘Why should I marry you when it seems there’s already someone out there willing to do the job for me?’

Theon’s jaw clenched. ‘Sansa Stark,’ he sneered. ‘While undeniably a beauty, I’m afraid she doesn’t have the personality to match. Besides,’ he said, walking up behind Ros, ‘It’s a business alliance being pushed on us by our fathers. It would be a marriage of convenience, nothing more.’

Theon put his hands on Ros’s waist, leaning down so his lips brushed her ear. Ros curved into his touch until her back brushed his chest and turned her face to his, meeting his eyes. ‘She is nothing compared to you,’ he whispered, bringing his face closer to hers until their lips were centimeters apart. Theon inhaled, parting his lips and bringing his hand up to Ros’s face…

Ros pulled away abruptly, sliding out from under him and off the bed. She stood up, grabbing her dress off the floor and slipping it on; leaving Theon standing by the edge of the bed, shirt in hand – a bemused expression on his face.

She looked at him straight in the eyes. ‘No doubt you’ll be resigned to a life of duty with a dull woman, but that’s not an outcome I’m able to prevent. I don’t want to be a secretary anymore, nor do I want to be a wife or a mistress.’ She pulled on her coat and slipped on her heels that lay strewn by the door. ‘I’m flying to New York and I’m going to make something of myself, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me. There’s nothing left for me here.’

She picked up her purse and made her way to the door, looking back at Theon and studying his expression. If she didn’t know any better she might think he cared. But this was a Greyjoy she was dealing with, and Greyjoys were known for their hard hearts — some brave folk called them ‘ironborn’ behind their backs. So why did she feel so guilty?

‘What was this, then?’ Theon asked, looking at Ros in a way she had never seen before. The atmosphere of their earlier banter was gone, and neither of them could quite name what had taken its place.  

‘This was goodbye,’ she said finally. With one last look, she turned the knob.

Theon watched as Ros walked out of his bedroom for the last time. I’ve known her for years and of all the girls I’ve been with, she’s the only one who ever surprised me, he found himself thinking. I’ll never find another girl like her. Whether or not that was a good thing, he couldn’t be sure.

Ros walked towards the car, listening to the clicking of her heels on the pavement in the silent morning air as she pulled a cigarette out of her pocket. Her flight left in an hour; she would have to hurry if she wanted to make it on time.

‘I’m going to miss you.’

Ros turned around, hand on the car door, and saw Theon standing in the doorway, shirt half-tucked and his trademark smile on his face. She couldn’t help but match it.

‘I know.’