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a day in the life

Nathaniel Buzolic guest stars as Dean Stavros on Pretty Little Liars season four episode twenty-two, “Cover for Me

 Rebekol : Sweet dreams

we’re vampires, darling

Runs in the family, we tend to bruise easily
Bad in the blood, I’m telling you ‘cause
I just want you to know me
Know me and my family


Nathaniel Buzolic in Sydney - Australia 02/01/2014 {paparazzi}

Nina Dobrev and Nathaniel Buzolic have some fun with friends at Barrio Chino mexican restaurant and bar on Thursday evening (January 2) in Sydney, Australia.

Again and Again, short Rebekol drabble for my Unhappy Anon

No one was ever good enough for Rebekah, Niklaus saw to that. (continued: here)

“The problem with being Claire’s brother on the show is that I can’t kiss her.”
– Nathaniel Buzolic (x)


New Girl quotes swap
The Originals as comedy


Happy 30th Birthday Nathaniel Buzolic!