#77: Caffeine turns me on more than alcohol does

#76: I often tell my Dad how much I wish I could grow a beard, half because I do actually wish I could style some wicked mustachios and half because it really bothers him

# 75: Cheesecake is my go-to comfort food

#74: I crackship Sybil Crawley and Eric Northman really bad

#73: I hate when people use their cell phones all the time.

#72) I hate when people reblog the work of others just to hate on the character

#71) When I was in jr high I had to act out a scene from the taming of the shrew, and it had the word cock and I just couldn’t say it

70) I always find it amusing that my url is about werewolves, but this blog is mostly about vampires. Slightly misleading, maybe? :S

69) My favorite ship of any show is, and always will be, Spuffy

#68) the amount of people that reblog my klebekah graphics w/o “getting it” never ceases to astound me

#67: As you’ve probably noticed, I delete 25% of everything I post

#66. I can trace my ancestry back several hundred years

#65: I wish I interacted more with my followers

#64: My #1 tumblr pet peeve is when people do not check to make sure they aren’t reblogging a repost

#63: I always read novels in one sitting.