Anonymous asked:
Can you explain the reason why you like Daario so much?

I love him so much. 

He’s a mercenary, and I love mercenaries just in general. He is tough, strong willed, charismatic, and funny. He seems to be fairly young (28-35?) but he leads his group of sell swords. I wish we knew more about what his life was like, before. How he ended up with the Storm Crows. Also, he is after Dany not because he wants to be a King or to force his children on her and have a claim to some throne. He wants her simply because he wants her. They have one of the only truly consensual relationships in the series. It’s nice to have a female character go after someone she wants sexually, and it is especially nice to have her be the social dominant in that relationship. 

I love arrogant swag in my male characters tbh so that’s a lot of it as well. Warrior stories are also more interesting to me than court intrigue,hence why I’d prefer him over say, many of the Westeros characters. He’s a strong ally for Daenerys and I like that when he’s around she isn’t as lonely. Daario and Victarion are my favorite male characters, but they don’t get a lot of love :( I don’t expect either of them to really appear in the tv series but that’s ok b/c Dany isn’t really Dany in it either. 

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