Demi Lovato out in New York, August 14th

Demi Lovato out in New York, August 14th

"A lonely, quiet person has observations and experiences that are at once both more indistinct and more penetrating than those of one more gregarious; his thoughts are weightier, stranger, and never without a tinge of sadness… . Loneliness fosters that which is original, daringly and bewilderingly beautiful, poetic. But loneliness also fosters that which is perverse, incongruous, absurd, forbidden."
- Thomas Mann, Death in Venice (via journalofanobody)

I bought s1 of ahs to throw myself into halloween early and marathoned the whole thing since yesterday which was so worth it for Tate’s expression in Birth 

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I felt that way for a long time. I don’t know what your history is but my feelings stemmed mostly from past abuse and trauma. Therapy has helped some, but intimacy (emotional and otherwise) are still the hardest things in the world for me. You're not alone is I guess what I'm trying to say.

<3 <3 <3

"Still tired. More tired. Tireder, tiredest, tired ad nauseam, tired infinitum."
- Christopher Knight + (via mythologyofblue)

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What do you think about Gemma Teller Morrow?

I’m sad the show went to trash and ruined Gemma as a character. 

Take me back to season 2/3, basically. 

People: Aren't you going a bit overboard?
Me: *surrounded by pumpkins and candles and sweaters* Idk what you mean?
ramsaysnow replied to your post:ramsaysnow replied to your post:so I just got an…
hey well they can probably afford it right

my sister is 25 and they still pay her phone bills so I have no prob continuing this tradition, lol

ramsaysnow replied to your post:so I just got an iphone 5c if anyone has any tips…
i got an iphone a few months ago and i still don’t know how to use it shoutout to being young xoxo

I’m like 99% certain they deliberately complicated adding contacts 

I had to jump through so many hoops to find how to add them

shoutout to not making my own rogers account so my parents are paying for my phone bill which just literally doubled in price ayyyy

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Ooh did you get the DVDs? If you watch that, you should def let me know abt any good stuff in it! (Still bitter tho always will be. Ughh I saw some promo that was Victoria centric? If the show’s gonna be her getting revenge now I’m not watching tbh)

hell yes I did.

There’s a deleted scene with Aiden being shirtless, because lord knows they didn’t give us enough of that last season (sort of sarcastic but also there can never be enough)

The discussion was 13 minutes and mostly just the guys talking about how much they love each other but it’s so worth it

they also confirmed Conrad is gone for good